Welcome to our website dedicated to Chu Sau Lei Wing Chun. At our Wing Chun club we train with a small and dedicated group of students with a variety backgrounds. Some have decade or more experience in other martial arts. The one aspect that binds us together is our passion for Wing Chun. We are inspired by the traditional aspects of Wing Chun but at the same time we practice with an open mind to make our Wing Chun functional in today’s martial art context. We have classes for Wing Chun, San Shou and Escrima.  For more details  about our training click here Wing Chun is a Southern style of Chinese Kung Fu and has become – after Tai Chi Chuan – the most widely practiced Chinese Martial Art. It’s well known for its no-nonsense and direct approach to combat. Chu Sau Lei Wing Chun has his roots in Yip Man Wing Chun lineage as taught by one of Yip Man’s top students GM Hawkins Cheung (a close friend of Bruce Lee) and further developed by Sigung Robert Chu Sau Lei and Sifu Alan Orr. In the Wing Chun community Chu Sau Lei Wing Chun is famous and well known for its body structure method, a power training method that uses the body frame as a platform to absorb, re-direct and expel force. Escrima is a Filipino martial art based on weapon fighting. We practice “Integrated Escrima” as taught by Dr. Mark Wiley a world renowned escrimador and author. It is a very practical street art, students practice (single/ double) sticks, sword and knife. San Shou  or San Da is often labeled as “Chinese Kickboxing” is a full contact martial and is growing fast in popularity.. Chu Sau Lei San Shou is based on our Wing Chun Chinese Boxing syllabus. It is practical martial art training and you will learn how to defend yourself, get fit and build your cardio must faster.  For more information about San Shou click here Our objective is to create a safe yet challenging environment for our students to learn Chinese Martial arts, self-defense and improve their health. We accept students of all levels and back grounds. Why join us?  

  • Wing Chun is a traditional Chinese martial art and can provide you a life style of active living and fullfillment. 
  • Learn Wing Chun from a renowned lineage of masters  
  • At Chu Sau Lei Wing Chun we respect the tradition but teach and train with a modern frame of mind. 
  • Wing Chu is a practial no frills martial arts. You will learn how to defend yourself , get fit and improved your health
  • Do you want to compete San Da, kick boxing etc. and challenge yourself? That is not for everybody but our system and training is robust enough to meet your goals.
  • Socialize and make new friends.

 The training fee is S$ 90,- per month for all classes (Wing Chun and San Shou). 

                                                                                       Class Schedule

  Fridays Sunday Monday
Wing Chun 8pm – 9.30 pm 8.30-10 am  
San Shou 9.30 – 10 pm 10 -11 am 8-10 pm  

For more information. Steven Wang: belikewater88@gmail.com 


When I started learning CSL WC from Sifu Steven Wang I was computer nerd. Now 2 years later I sweat a lot, sparred a lot and learned so much about the Wing Chun system. In addition I made a lot of new friends and I am proud to be a healthier and stronger person. I would not have achieved this if Chu Sau Lei Wing Chun was not such an effective, comprehensive and “no secret techniques” system under the guidance of a very strict and passionate Sifu Steven. I’m glad I started training Wing Chun and never regret the time spent on our quality training and never fail to be inspired to train lifelong. “This is not your grandma Wing Chun!

PX, 28 years

For the past 20 years I have been involved in Japanese and Korean martial arts, fought in a lot of tournaments but I always wanted to learn Chinese Martial Arts. Inspired by a friend of mine I paid a visit to most of the Wing Chun clubs in Singapore. I was very impressed with the intensity of the training session led by Sifu Steven. I saw a group of people, passionate and with a focus about doing their stances and footwork correctly, punching correctly etc. What’s more, everybody was completely drenched after the training. When I started classes with Sifu Steven, Wing Chun did not make sense at all to me and I had great difficulty to adept this new style. However I persisted and after some time everything seem to fall in place thanks to Sifu Steven’s relentless focus and patience on getting your fundamentals right. Now after less than 3 odd years practicing Chu Sau Lei Wing Chun I cannot begin to tell you how much I have learnt about the traditional and practical fighting aspects of Wing Chun. I discovered so many new things that my body could not before, discovered weapons and weaknesses that I never knew I had before.

TC, 44 years

Before I started training Chu Sau Lei Wing Chun I already practiced Wing Chun and other Chinese Martial Arts.What I like about training Chu Sau Lei Wing Chun is: Although we learn traditional Chinese martial art, we are able to apply it in a modern context. Although we learn the traditional Wing Chun forms, we also use modern tools and training concepts. These are important concepts and training methods that most other Chinese martial arts has failed to adept to and comprehend and has made CSL Wing Chun able to hold up in todays’ context

TYT, 35 years

I have been interested in martial arts since young but never had the opportunity to pick it up till about 6 years ago. At the age of 34, I started practicing Aikido; a Japanese martial art on self-defense. I did Aikido for 4 years and achieved a black belt degree but I wanted more. Through an introduction, I came to know Sifu Steven and his Chu Sau Lei Wing Chun. I have been training Chu Sau Lei Wing Chun now for about 3 years and it really captivated me. I like our no frills and practical training and Sifu Steven’s unreserved passion to pass on the art. We are also not required to buy expensive training uniforms and equipment like most commercialized centers charge. Besides Wing Chun, Sifu Steven also teaches us QiGong exercises to strengthen our body and mind. I just wish I could spend more time on my training because I want to learn more from Sifu Steven so I can help to preserve our unique art and pass it down to the next generation.

AN 42 years

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