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“They say Wing Chun is easy”

“But can you do it?”  

GGM Hawkins Cheung

Wing Chun Beginners Course_Syllabus

Wing Chun is said to be “easy to learn” because of its practical and straightforward combat strategy. Yes, true some extent, especially compared to some other Chinese martial arts that can have a 30 or even more than 50 traditional forms.

Easy does not mean “simple” because below this veil of simplicity, Wing Chun is a very sophisticated art, with deep roots in traditional Kung Fu and Chinese philosophy. Any art, be it dancing, playing an instrument etc. is not easy to learn but at the same time, it can enrich your life and be very rewarding.

For new students learning Wing Chun can be overwhelming. It is therefore very important to choose a school with a comprehensive syllabus and a tested teaching method.

I am proud to say that over the years we have built a curriculum and teaching method that provides a clear path for students to learn traditional Wing, Chun Kung Fu. Our syllabus is progressive (step-by-step) and complete with a good balance of learning traditional skills and actual combat practice.  Further, every three (3) months we review your progress based on our grading system. See our syllabus page on this website for more information.

For complete beginners, we have developed a 3-month Wing Chun Beginners Program. We strongly advise new students to take up this course. Apart from the fact that the course is a “good deal”, you will get in this short 3-month period a good sense of what is Wing Chun training is all about.

At an intermediate and more advanced stage of your training, it is not only about technique. You must also develop and integrate your body, mind and breath (Qi Gong) to maximize your potential. This method of training is Six Core Elements (SCE) Qi Gong. It is fully integrated with our Wing Chun practice and can lead you to a whole new level of understanding Wing Chun and traditional Chinese martial arts.

See our Qi Gong page on this website.

So, if you are interested in taking up Wing Chun….donot hesitate to contact us.

On behave of our instructors’ team, I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Steven Wang, Head Instructor, Chu Sau Lei Wing Chun