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They say Wing Chun is easy”

“But can you do it?”  

GGM Hawkins Cheung

In Wing Chun circles Chu Sau Lei (CSL) Wing Chun is renowned for its Six Core Elements training, a power and energy training method to develop the body as a platform to absorb, re-direct and expel force. See our ” Qi Gong” page on this website for more information.

Wing Chun is said to be “easy to learn” and a practical martial art. It only has three (3) empty hand form and three (3) forms on the Wooden Dummy, Pole and Butterfly knives. Compare this to other Chinese Martial arts like Choy Lay Fut that claimed to have more than 200 empty hands and weapon forms. Perhaps that this is one of the main reasons why Wing Chun has become so popular.

Syllabus and Grading

Wing Chun Beginners Course_Syllabus

We have an extensive Wing Chun syllabus that covers all areas of traditional Kung Fu. Students will learn in a progressive manner, as they advance in our curriculum they will add more layers of understanding to their training.

For more information about our syllabus, see our “Syllabus” page on this website.

Our Wing Chun curriculum has  12 levels and there are fixed test dates for each level.

Level 1-3: March, July and November.

Levels 4-6: March, September and

Levels 7-12 in June.

Students who decided to join the grading test will receive additional coaching and a list of test requirements for each level. There is no strict fail or pass judgement but students should prepare diligently and give their best efforts in order to proceed to the next level.

New students start with a three (3) month Beginners Program that will give them a good foundation for further practice in Wing Chun.



In Wing Chun as a martial art, our ultimate objective is to be able to apply the martial arts techniques for self-defence or San Shou (free fighting).

Of course, learning a martial can give you many other benefits such health, confidence, a relaxed body/mind etc.

All good and valid reasons to learn Wing Chun! Trial class is only $ 20.




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