I wanted to pick up Wing Chun for a few years now but only got down to starting classes this year. Having no martial arts background and being a slower learner, I was looking for someone who was patient and clear in his instructions.

I came across CSL Wing Chun while searching online for courses, and decided to start the beginner course in August 2020.

I was glad to find that Wang Sifu is a professional, unassuming teacher who communicates the CSL Wing Chun Style in a manner that is simple to understand. He is able to break down and explain every movement, and structures each lesson in a concise manner. He integrates modern approaches with traditional methods for practical application of the art. Students who learn under him can always take something home from lessons to hone and practice.

Wang Sifu is also a patient teacher who works with the learning pace of the individual. While he is firm in his instruction, he is kind in his dealings with me as a student and open in his sharing of the philosophies behind the art.

The group classes and the community built around this art and this school is open, welcoming and helpful as well. The participants in the class are friendly to one another, and we intentionally help each other get better at the art. The seniors share their expertise with no air of superiority, and demonstrations are very clear and well explained, which creates an open culture of exchange and learning.

The systemic approach CSL Wing Chun adopts allows for individuals of all skill levels to participate. I have found the joy and meaning in pursuing this art under Wang Sifu, and I enjoy going to group classes to get better. I would encourage anyone who is interested in learning and adopting Wing Chun in a holistic, practical manner to enrol with this school.